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International Congress of HSTM 2013: call for individual papers

The 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine now invites proposals for stand-alone (individual) paper presentations. The deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday 30 November 2012. General information The International Congress is the largest event in the field, and takes place every four years. Recent meetings have been held in Mexico City (2001), Beijing (2005) and Budapest (2009). In 2013, the 24th Congress will take place in Manchester, the chief city of Northwest England, and the original "shock city" of the Industrial Revolution. Congress facilities will be provided by The University of Manchester, with tours and displays on local scientific, technological and medical heritage co-ordinated by members of the University's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Subject coverage Abstract submissions should indicate how they relate to the theme of the Congress, which is 'Knowledge a

all for Submissions for an Edited Volume: Wounds and Wound Repair in Medieval Culture

Call for Submissions for an Edited Volume: Wounds and Wound Repair in Medieval Culture Title: ‘His brest tobrosten’: Wounds and Wound Repair in Medieval Culture Editors: Kelly DeVries and Larissa Tracy In The Knight’s Tale, Chaucer’s Knight describes the shafts of spears shivering to pieces on thick shields, the ‘helmes they tohewen and toshrede;/ Out brest the blood with stierne stremes rede;/ With myghty maces the bones they tobreste’ (lines 2609–11). Yet, for all this bloodshed no one dies, and the only malice and hatred is between the two rivals who hunt each other down and with ‘jelous strokes on hir helmes byte;/ Out rennet blood on bothe hir sydes rede’ (lines 2634–5). Even in the final tally after Arcite’s fall, ‘Al were they soore yhurt, and namely oon, that with a spere was thirled his brest boon’ (lines 2709–10); some have broken bones, some apply salves and medicines, and some drink sage to save their limbs. The Knight’s description of Arcite’s injuries is far

CfP: SHOT SIGCIS, Information Identities, Copenhagen, 7 October

Dear all Here's the circular for the 2012 SIGCIS workshop, a one-day event to be held in sequence with the main SHOT meeting in Copenhagen (for which see < http://www.historyoftechnology.org/annual_meeting.html >). Please distribute as appropriate. Andy Russell is the main contact for the workshop: please direct any general or programme-related questions to him. I'm the UK representative for SIGCIS and can advise on any local questions. All best James

Curiously Drawn: Early-Modern Science as a Visual Pursuit'

Registration is now open for the forthcoming conference: ‘Curiously Drawn: Early-Modern Science as a Visual Pursuit’ Thursday 21 – Friday 22 June, 2012 The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AG Science produces some of the most intriguing and arresting images in modern culture, from wildlife photographs to scanning electron microscope images. Yet the historical links between scientific research and visual representation are not always apparent. This conference brings together historians of science and art in order to examine the relationship between science and visual culture in the first hundred years of the Royal Society. We hope that the meeting will demonstrate how art, artists, and print-makers enabled creativity and innovation in science, and the extent to which naturalists and natural philosophers, in turn, transformed visual resources and strategies into something of their own. This meeting is supported by the AHRC as part of an internati