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Biodiversity Heritage Library: Charles Darwin's Library

http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/collection/darwinlibrary Charles Darwin was a man of science and letters, and his library was impressive. This digital project created by the Biodiversity Heritage Library offers interested parties a virtual reconstruction of the surviving books owned by Darwin, and it includes over 330 titles. First-time visitors will want to read the introductory essay titled "Darwin's Virtual Library: History & Scope" before jumping into the items here. After this excellent introduction, they should feel welcome to browse through the available titles in the "Current Book List" area. The real treat here is the fact that they have included the books that were most heavily annotated in Darwin's own hand, and visitors can look at all of his notes at their leisure. The site also includes a detailed bibliography and a link to the most recent additions

Postdoctoral position in the history of science and technology

POSTDOC POSITION IN THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY We seek an ambitious postdoc to join our international team on the project “Exploring Greenland: Science and Technology in Cold War Settings”. “Exploring Greenland” is a comprehensive four-year research project located at Aarhus University's Department of Science Studies and funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. It aims to investigate the development of geophysical science and nuclear technology research activities in Greenland during the Cold War. Due to Greenland’s strategic importance as a stepping stone between the continents, the United States military as well as the Danish government invested heavily in scientific research on the island throughout the Cold War. The successful candidate will join a six-member international team exploring subprojects on geology, meteorology and climatology, glaciology, nuclear technology and ionospheric research. More information on the project can be found at http://ivs.au.dk/en/rese

Call for Abstracts: International Nursing History Conference in Denmark

Call for Abstracts: International Nursing History Conference in Denmark The Danish Society of Nursing History and the Danish Museum of Nursing History are pleased to invite scholars from all over the world to an international conference on the History of Nursing August 9 – 11, 2012. The conference is run jointly by the Danish Society of Nursing History and the Danish Museum of Nursing History and it is affiliated to academia by the Southern University of Denmark and the UC Danish Deaconess Foundation. The conference will take place over three days from 9 - 11 August 2012 and will comprise plenary sessions and concurrent sessions. Keynote speakers include Professor Anne Marie Rafferty, Kings College London, England, Professor Christine Hallett, University of Manchester, England, Professor Julie Fairman, University of Pennsylvania, USA and Associate Professor Susanne Kreutzer, University of Osnabruck, Germany. Abstract themes The conference language will be English and abstracts fr


III CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DE GEOGRAFIA DE LA SALUD http://iiicgs.blogspot.com/   SEDE DEL EVENTO La sede del evento será en la Facultad de Geografía, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM), Cerro de Coatepec, s/n Ciudad Universitaria, Toluca, Estado de México. C.P. 50100. Toluca. Los idiomas oficiales son: español, portugués e inglés. OBJETIVOS Reunir profesionales de la salud que permitan el diálogo para el análisis de los problemas desde diversos abordajes. Fomentar el trabajo interdisciplinario por medio de intercambio de experiencias académicas relacionadas con esta temática. Fomentar el diálogo entre geógrafos y profesionales de la salud para establecer redes de colaboración académica. PRESENTACIÓN Los cambios de los mapas epidemiológicos a nivel mundial se están presentando en forma acelerada, por un lado el incremento de las causas de mortalidad de tipo crónico degenerativo, por otro la expansión de enfermedades de tipo infeccioso, aunado a c

Editing Historical Mathematics': research symposium

Editing Historical Mathematics: techniques and traditions since 1900': research symposium. All Souls College, Oxford Thursday 15 and Friday 16 December 2011 The editing and transmission of old mathematics have long been of scholarly concern, and the translation of mathematics into new languages or new media has regularly raised explicit anxieties. In the twentieth century, editorial practice in this area has changed rapidly, influenced by models of editorial scholarship developed for classical texts, by the impact of new typesetting technologies over the last several decades, and now by the new agendas surrounding the creation of electronic and online texts. This symposium will bring together about ten scholars to discuss their own experiences as editors in the light of older approaches to mathematical texts, and to discuss some of the ‘classic’ mathematical editions of the last hundred years, as well as such related issues as the role of learned journals and the meaning of c

Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Chemistry & Mathematics of HYLE: International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry

Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Chemistry & Mathematics of   HYLE: International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry Deadline: August 15, 2011 The relationship between mathematics and chemistry has a long history. In fact one of the new features of modern chemistry was the introduction of arithmetical relations by Lavoisier. One could even argue that the oldest molecular theory, in Plato’s Timaeus, was a geometrical theory of chemistry. Not only chemistry but also mathematics has benefited from the relationship, as can be acknowledged in the development of Graph Theory, a mathematical theory with roots in chemical questions. Other important results from this synergy are related to symmetry, such as the conception of a tetrahedral carbon, the octahedral symmetry of certain coordination compounds, the hexagonal nature of benzene, or the interpretation of spectra, on the one hand, and the development of the mathematical theory of symmetry out of mineralogy, on the other. M