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CfP: special issue on New trends in the historiography of medicine

Deadline for paper submission:  July 31th ,  2017 . Publication of the issue:  December, 2017 . Url:  http://www.historiographyofscience.org/index.php/transversal/announcement/view/9 We are expecting to receive submissions related to the new methodological approaches and the new objects that have been recently explored in the field of the history of medicine. These submissions can either propose a kind of meta-analysis of a new field of studies in the history of medicine (such as “global health”, relation between medicine and gender or race studies, history of pharmacology, health and environment, history of medicine in Africa etc.), or propose some epistemological analysis on new methodological approaches that have emerged in these last decades (such as the articulation of ethnography and historical methods, the historical epistemology applied to medical history, the relevance of visual studies to the history of medicine etc.). Papers applying an original method

Exposición: Memórias feridas, corpos revelados: Itinerários contra o esquecimento. A Poliomielite e a Síndrome Pós-Pólio na Península Ibérica

Exposição Fotográfica no Museu da Ciência da UC explora a Poliomielite e a Síndrome Pós-Pólio 13 de janeiro| 18 horas| Museu da Ciência Url:  http://www.museudaciencia.org/index.php?module=events&option=exhibitions&id=734 Na próxima sexta-feira, dia 13 de janeiro , pelas 18 horas , vai ser inaugurada, no Museu da Ciência da Universidade de Coimbra (UC), a exposição intitulada “ Memórias feridas, corpos revelados: Itinerários contra o esquecimento. A Poliomielite e a Síndrome Pós-Pólio na Península Ibérica ”. A exposição, que ficará patente até 16 de abril, resulta da colaboração com o Espacio de Cultura Científica da Universidade de Salamanca, Espanha. A cerimónia de inauguração conta com a presença de Cristina Pita Yáñez, vice-reitora da Universidade de Salamanca, e de Juan Antonio Rodriguéz Sánchez, professor da Universidade de Salamanca e coordenador da Rede Ibero-americana de Investigação em História da Poliomielite e da Síndrome Pós-Polio. No dia 2

Novedad: Filanderas. Revista Interdisciplinar de Estudios Feministas

Lanzamiento del primer número de Filanderas. Revista Interdisciplinar de Estudios Feministas , que presenta entre sus contenidos temática relacionada con la Historia de la Medicina. No 1 (2016) Tabla de contenidos Revista completa Filanderas. Revista Interdisciplinar de Estudios Feministas. Núm. 1 (2016) Editorial Editorial         Estudios Concepción Gimeno de Flaquer: feminista poliédrica Margarita Pintos El sexo y el género en la investigación en salud: las resistencias a la superación de un reto   Concepción Tomás Aznar, Teresa Yago Simón, Mercedes Eguiluz López, Teresa Oliveros Briz, Gema Palacio Gavín, María Luisa Samitier Lerendegui Una aproximación al cuerpo femenino a través de la medicina medieval María Giménez Tejero

CfP: The American Association for the History of Nursing

The American Association for the History of Nursing and St. John Fisher’s College Wegmans School of Nursing are co-sponsoring the Association’s 34 th annual conference to be held in Rochester, NY. The conference provides a forum for researchers interested in sharing new research that addresses events, issues, and topics in any area of nursing and healthcare history, broadly construed to encompass the history of nursing, global nursing history, nursing practice, healthcare institutions, caring, illness, healing work and public health. Submissions pertaining to all areas and regions of the world are welcome. Papers and posters that expand the horizons of nursing and healthcare history and engage related fields such as women’s labor, technology, economic history, and race and gender studies are encouraged. Individual paper or poster: Submit a one-page abstract of a completed study by email. Presentations are 20 minutes long with 10 minutes for questions.   Abstracts must

Research Associate in the History of Twentieth-Century Physiology & Genetics

This is an opportunity to work on a Wellcome Trust funded project on the dog in science and medicine in the twentieth century, focusing particularly on genetics and physiology. You will join a project where former members have worked on the dog in veterinary medicine and the behavioural sciences, and on changing attitudes to the risks associated with dogs. This post would suit scholars with a background in the history of biology, the history of the biomedical science, or the history of medicine. Your key responsibilities will be to engage in independent research closely related to the aims of the grant, developing publications also closely related to the aims of the grant, including articles in peer reviewed journals and work towards an academic monograph. You should have completed, or shortly be about to hold a PhD, (or equivalent), in the history of biology, or the history of medicine, or the history of veterinary medicine in the twentieth century. A more

Keeper of Medicine (Londres)

The advertisement for the Keeper of Medicine role is now live: https://ce0111li. webitrent.com/ce0111li_ webrecruitment/wrd/run/ ETREC107GF.open?VACANCY_ID% 3d0408950zMD&WVID=7271880URt& LANG=USA   Keeper of Medicine Closing Date:  25/01/2017   We are looking for an exceptional individual to provide strategic direction, content leadership and team management delivering collections-based content for the most ambitious element of the Science Museum’s Masterplan. Opening in 2019, we are creating a suite of five new Medicine Galleries which will showcase our world class Medicine collection in a new location at the heart of the Museum. We have already been successful in obtaining significant funding from Heritage Lottery Fund, Wellcome Trust and Wolfson Foundation. The Keeper will drive the content forward through strong decision making and advocacy, playing a leading role in the success of the Medical Galleries.   The Keeper will also manage the Medica

Segunda Circular, XVII Congreso de la SEHM Museu d’Història

Museu d’Història, Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona), 15-17 de junio de 2017 Url:  http://www.sehm.es/pages/tablon_noticias/*/reuniones-y-congresos/2016/10/11/xvii-congreso-de-la-sociedad-espaaola-de-historia-de-la-medicina La Sociedad Española de Historia de la Medicina (SEHM) convoca el XVII Congreso. Esta reunión científica tiene como objetivo poner en común y discutir trabajos originales y propuestas de renovación metodológica en cinco ámbitos de actuación: patrimonio o cultura material, innovación científico-técnica, comunicación, docencia e investigación. Está abierta a la participación de sus socias y socios, así como de las historiadoras e historiadores de la medicina, la ciencia, la técnica y disciplinas afines, abriéndose a diferentes tipos de contribuciones (comunicaciones, mesas temáticas, pósteres y  vídeos ) inscritas en alguno de los cinco ámbitos de actuación contemplados. El Congreso tendrá lugar en el Museu d’Història de Sant Feliu de Guíxols, una institución que

CfP: 'Reading Bodies, Writing Minds' one-day conference

One-day conference exploring mental health topics in the medical humanities. This event will be held 13 April 2017 at Highfield House, The University of Nottingham’s University Park campus. The organising committee invites applications from all colleagues and graduate researchers who wish to take part in the interdisciplinary discussion of modern or historical aspects of mental health in the medical humanities. The Call for Papers attached to this email further outlines suggested themes for presentations. To be considered to present a twenty-minute paper please submit by 1 February 2017 an abstract of no more than 250 words which outlines the paper and the area of research. Submissions should be sent to MedicalHumanities2017@Gmail. com .  All accepted papers will be considered for peer-review and potential publication in an edited volume of conference proceedings. This event is supported by funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Midlands 3 C

CfP: special issue Pierre Duhem

Deadline for paper submission:  March 30th , 2017 . Publication of the issue:  July, 2017 . We are expecting to receive submissions related to Duhemian History of Science, and the impact it caused in the subsequent historiography. Thus comparative analysis between Duhem and other authors is welcomed, as well as case studies that search to evaluate the conception of scientific development advocated by the French author, exploring its current relevance and intrinsic limits. Considering the characteristic of Duhem’s unity of thought, articles addressing his philosophy of science in relation to his apologetic project with the philosophy and history of science will be appreciated. We are also expecting book reviews of Pierre Duhem’s recent translations or reprints, as well as books about the Duhemian work. In addition to English articles,  Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science   accepts articles in French, Portuguese and Spanish fo

Novedad: "Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science", Nº 1

Dossier Ludwik Fleck Ludwik Fleck’s Theory of Thought Styles and Thought Collectives: Translations and Receptions Url:  http://www.historiographyofscience.org/index.php/transversal/issue/view/5 Table of Contents From the Editors For the history of the historiography of sciences Mauro L. Condé, Marlon Salomon Dossiers (Issue-specific topics) Introduction Paweł Jarnicki, Sandra Lang Translation collective, translation styles: On the experience of translating Ludwik Fleck into Brazilian Portuguese Mariana Camilo de Oliveira Fleck as a theorist of thought as res gestae – or, Does a pair of dots in Swedish matter? David Östlund The beginnings of the recepti

Revista "Educación Médica": El conocimiento científico y su comunicación

El suplemento de noviembre de 2016 de la revista “Educación Médica” publica  las intervenciones de la Jornada Medes de 2015 “El conocimiento científico y su comunicación”.  El conocimiento científico y su comunicación Editorial José Antonio Gutiérrez Fuentes Educación Médica 2016;17 Supl 2:1 Presentación Educación Médica 2016;17 Supl 2:2 El impacto de la ciencia y la tecnología en la sociedad: una perspectiva global The impact of science and technology in society: a global perspective José Manuel Sánchez Ron Educación Médica 2016;17 Supl 2:3-8 Consenso científico y corrección política Scientific consensus and political correctness Antonio Lafuente Educación Médica 2016;17 Supl 2:9-13 Cultura científica de la población española: causas e implicaciones

Postdoc and PhD positions in Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Medicine, and/or Conceptual/theoretical Biology

one Postdoctoral position and one PhD position in Philosophy of Biology and/or Philosophy of Medicine and/or Conceptual/theoretical Biology at CNRS in Bordeaux, which are part of my ERC-funded project entitled " Immunity, Development and the Microbiota (IDEM): Understanding the Continuous Construction of Biological Identity ": https://www.immuconcept.org/ erc-idem/ Application deadline: April 25, 2017 Topic: "The role of the immune system in the maintenance and construction of the organism." (Please note that this topic is broadly interpreted, and that a good knowledge of immunology will be an asset, but is not necessary). Url:  https://www.immuconcept.org/ conceptual-immunology/

British Society for the History of Science Translations

The British Society for the History of Science is delighted to announce the publication online of a new translation with commentary of Gregor Mendel's landmark 1866 paper "Experiments on Plant Hybrids" -- the first in a new, freely accessible BSHS Translations series, seeking to make historically important or neglected writings from the scientific past more widely available. This new series makes use of an innovative publishing format that allows users to move easily between a scan of the original document, a transcription in the original language, the English-language translation, and an almost sentence-by-sentence set of scholarly annotations, offering generous discussions of the large range of interpretative questions that the text raises.  An introductory essay and a comprehensive bibliography of associated scholarship are also provided. The new translation and commentary are the work of Dr Staffan Mueller-Wille (Exeter) and Dr Kersten Hall (Lee

SANTORIO FELLOWSHIP for Medical Humanities and Science

SANTORIO FELLOWSHIP FOR MEDICAL HUMANITIES AND SCIENCE announced by  fondazione comel – institutio santoriana  as an international scheme entitled to the Italian physician Santorio Santori (1561-1636), who introduced the quantitative method to medicine and is considered the father of experimental physiology. aim  The fellowship aims at encouraging cooperation amongst scholars across the Europe and is awarded to early career researchers and PhD students whose interests in the field of Medical Humanities (History of Medicine and Biology, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Ideas, Classics) are particularly strong and well recorded. For the academic year 2016-2017, the scheme will support participants of the international conference Humours, Mixtures and Corpuscles. A Medical Path to Corpuscularism in the Seventeenth Century organised by Fabrizio Bigotti and Jonathan Barry. application process 5 Santorio Fellowships, worth of 500 euros each, will be offered

CfP: Techniques of the Corporation, University of Toronto

How do corporations know themselves and their world? Over the last 150 years, corporations, like universities and laboratories, have generated an abundance of knowledge-making techniques in the form of psychological tests, efficiency technologies, scenario planning, and logistical systems. As dominant forms of the last century, corporations are assembled with instruments, infrastructures, and interventions that arrange and rearrange the dynamics of capitalism. These techniques of the corporation have filtered into our daily lives, influencing everyday understandings of self, inequality, environment, and society.  Techniques of the Corporation will assemble an interdisciplinary network of established and emerging scholars whose work contributes to the critical study of the techniques, epistemologies, and imaginaries of the 20th-century corporation. This conference aims to foster a timely conversation between Science and Technology Studies (STS) approaches and the recent histories of

Duke University, History of Medicine Travel Grants

The History of Medicine Collections in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University is accepting applications for our travel grant program.  http://library.duke.edu/ rubenstein/history-of- medicine/grants Research grants of up to $1,000 will be offered to researchers whose work would benefit from access to the historical medical collections at the Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Our holdings include over 20,000 print items and 4,500 unique manuscripts along with photographs, prints, and over 800 medical instruments and artifacts including a large collection of ivory anatomical manikins. Collection strengths include but are not limited to anatomical atlases, human sexuality, materia medica, pediatrics, psychiatry, and obstetrics & gynecology,. Any faculty member, graduate or undergraduate student, or independent scholar with a research project requiring the use of materials held by the History of Medicine Collect

Vacancy for two Assistant Curators at the Science Museum

Vacancy at the Science Museum for two Assistant Curators to join the Science team.  Please pass on to anyone who might be interested in this exciting opportunity.  More information and details of how to apply can be found via the link below and by entering ‘assistant curator’ into the search box. https://group.sciencemuseum. org.uk/careers/ The closing date for applications is the 17 th January 2017.