11 de enero de 2017

British Society for the History of Science Translations

The British Society for the History of Science is delighted to announce the publication online of a new translation with commentary of Gregor Mendel's landmark 1866 paper "Experiments on Plant Hybrids" -- the first in a new, freely accessible BSHS Translations series, seeking to make historically important or neglected writings from the scientific past more widely available.

This new series makes use of an innovative publishing format that allows users to move easily between a scan of the original document, a transcription in the original language, the English-language translation, and an almost sentence-by-sentence set of scholarly annotations, offering generous discussions of the large range of interpretative questions that the text raises.  An introductory essay and a comprehensive bibliography of associated scholarship are also provided.

The new translation and commentary are the work of Dr Staffan Mueller-Wille (Exeter) and Dr Kersten Hall (Leeds), in collaboration with Michel Durinx from Centimedia.  It is a pleasure to make their achievement available to all.