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Therapy and Empowerment - Coercion and Punishment

CALL FOR PAPERS Therapy and Empowerment - Coercion and Punishment *Historical Perspectives on Work and Occupational Therapy International Research Symposium This conference aims to provide a platform for exchange to scholars who are working on varied aspects of labour and occupation in relation to the history of health and medicine broadly conceived. The idea is to encourage critical engagement with the various medical, social and political factors implicated in how work and occupational therapy developed within specific national and clinical contexts and at different periods. Comparative approaches and contributions focusing on transnational exchanges are particularly welcome, as are those concerned with pre-modern and non-European developments. Rigorously contextualised case studies of specific institutions and approaches are also sought. Compensation for travel expenditure and local hospitality during the conference is aimed at but cannot be guaranteed.

Workshop"Disrupting pathways: Endocrine disruptors and the public expertise of healthand environmental problems" 14-15 décembre 2012

Dear Colleagues, We are pleased to invite you to the research workshop " Disrupting pathways: Endocrine disruptors and the public expertise of health and environmental problems " which will take place in Paris next 14 and 15 December.  This workshop is an element in a more general research project funded by the French National Research Programme on Endocrine Disruptors (French Ministry of Environment). This project aims at analysing the trajectory of endocrine disruptors as scientific and political entities and seeks to address both their generalization and the deep differences in their modes of existence in Europe, especially in France, and in the United States. Attendance is free. However due to limited space, registration is compulsory. Best regards, Nathalie Jas and Jean-Paul Gaudillière ______________ Chers Collègues, nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter au workshop international " Disrupting pathways: Endocrine disruptors and the public expertis

A Special Issue of Society and Politics online available: "God and the Order of Nature in Early Modern Thought: Topics in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Natural Science"

We are delighted to announce the autumn issue of  Society and Politics : God and the Order of Nature in Early Modern Thought: Topics in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Natural Science Invited editors : Laura Georgescu (University of Bucharest) and Grigore Vida (New Europe College, Bucharest) Volume 6, Issue no. 2 (12), November 2012 The articles published in this issue develop various methodological strategies for dealing with some conceptual changes of the Late Renaissance and the seventeenth century, combining philosophical interpretations with historical accuracy. The topics addressed in the issue range from the reconfiguration of mathematical concepts such as the geometrical proof, or the infinitesimals, to the ways in which the physico-theological tradition has shaped the understanding of nature. The articles share a common interest in grasping the patterns of thinking specific for the early modern period, with its disciplinary intricacies and ‘innovative’ agenda .

Job Opportunity in Cambridge: Events and Outreach Officer

Events and Outreach Officer in History of Medicine (60% full-time) Limit of tenure applies. Starting salary: £27,578–£29,249 p.a. pro rata Vacancy reference: JN21922 We seek to appoint a part-time (60%) events and outreach officer to support and initiate activities under a Wellcome Trust strategic award in the history of medicine on the theme 'Generation to Reproduction'. The grant is based in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science and brings together academics from across the University. It involves academic seminars, workshops and conferences plus public engagement linked to our research. This has so far included an exhibition on ‘Books and Babies’, film series at the Arts Picturehouse and public debates. The successful candidate will organize events, handle general publicity, help with certain specific aspects of grant administration and, above all, takely expanding our outreach ˆ programme. S/he will play a crucial role in facilitating, coordinat

Ph.D. position at the University of Groningen

PhD position in History of Science and Medicine at the University of Groningen (NL) The History Department is seeking a PhD candidate for the project ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’. The project is part of the VIDI research program on ‘Vital Matters. Boerhaave’s Chemico-Medical Legacy and Dutch Enlightenment Culture’, funded by NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. The PhD candidate will be part of a research team investigating how the chemistry of Herman Boerhaave, the eighteenth-century medical ‘teacher of Europe’, became pivotal in Dutch Enlightenment medicine. The Ph.D. project focuses on the work of Boerhaave’s Dutch followers and seeks to analyse the chemical practices at the root of eighteenth-century medical theories on the bodily humours. At the same time it investigates the ‘Boerhaavian’ Enlightenment body as a series of problems and debates where social, cultural, medical and material concerns intersected and continuously challenged the nature and unde