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New online exhibit-Antebellum Medicine

The Lamar Soutter Library at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts is pleased to announce the launch of a new online exhibit featuring two collections relating to antebellum medicine in central Massachusetts.  With funding from the New England Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and in conjunction with the Worcester District Medical Society and the Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital the collections of historical medical writings were digitized and are now accessible online. The first collection, the Union Medical Association Papers, contains papers of a group of physicians who practiced in southern Worcester County and established the Union Medical Association in 1834.  The collection consists of reports and transcripts of lectures created by the Association’s members from 1834 to 1858 on topics that include medical ethics, statistics, medical cases, and new remedies.  The second collection is part of

Segunda Circular XIII Congreso de la SEHCYT

En el año 2017 se cumple el quinto centenario del fallecimiento del fundador de la Universidad Cisneriana, Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros, acaecido en Roa el 8 de noviembre de 1517, y el 40 aniversario de la creación, por R. D. de 10 de junio de 1977 ( BOE 30-06-1977) de la actual Universidad de Alcalá. La Junta Directiva de la SEHCYT y el Comité Organizador del XIII Congreso han considerado que ambas efemérides ofrecen una buena ocasión para profundizar y reflexionar sobre el desarrollo histórico de la ciencia y la técnica en la Universidad y, de ahí, que convoquen la celebración del XIII Congreso de la SEHCYT, con dichos objetivos. ÁREAS TEMÁTICAS 1. Ciencia y Técnica en la Universidad. 2. Temas libres. Url:  https://xiiicongresosehcyt.wordpress.com/

CfP: The Philosophy of Biomimicry

Special track at the 20th conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology June 14-17, 2017 – Darmstadt, Germany Track Chairs: Vincent Blok (Wageningen University), Henry Dicks (University Jean Moulin Lyon 3) TO CONTRIBUTE ... 350-word abstracts for individual papers should be submitted by Dec 5 at  https://easychair.org/ conferences/?conf=spt2017 . When submitting, please tick the option  "Special Track: Biomimicry (V. Blok, H. Dicks)". For more information about the conference, please visit: http://www.philosophie.tu- darmstadt.de/spt2017/spt2017_ pwt/call_for_papers/ callforpapers.de.jsp Faced with the growing ecological crisis, Janine Benyus (1997) has argued that we can draw on the “3.8 billion years of research and development” already carried out by Nature in order to inhabit the earth sustainably, an approach known as biomimicry. This approach promises “soft chemistry” (Bensaude-Vincent 2002) working in water and at ambient temperatures, sol

Call for Nominations: BSHS Dingle Prize 2017

The British Society for the History of Science invites book nominations for the 2017 Dingle Prize. In keeping with one of the Society’s key goals, to communicate history of science to broad audiences, the 2017 Dingle Prize will be offered for the best book in the history of science, technology, and medicine, first published in English in 2015 or 2016, which is  accessible to a wide audience of non-specialists . The 2015 Prize was won by Martin Rudwick for his book  Earth’s Deep History . The BSHS is delighted that the judging panel will be chaired by Professor James Secord (University of Cambridge). The winning book should present some aspect of the field in an engaging and comprehensible manner and should also show proper regard for historical methods and the results of historical research: for example, it might re-examine a well-known historical incident or achievement, or bring new perspective to previously neglected figures or fields in the past. The value of

Inference: International Review of Science

Type: Online Digital Resources Date: September 27, 2016 Subject Fields: History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Research and Methodology, Social Sciences Vol. 2, no. 3 (Fall 2016) URL:  http://inference-review.com/   Table of Contents Critical Essays Fukugen , by Ivan Fesenko On Shinichi Mochizuki’s Inter-universal Teichmüller Theory The Recovery of Case, by David Berlinski & Juan Uriagereka On Vergnaud’s letter to Noam Chomsky and Howard Lasnik The Excitable Mitochondria, by John Hewitt A new view of the fundamental units of the nervous system. Review Essay Cantor’s Diagonalization Method, by Alexander Kharazishvili The power of the diagonal method for set theory, recursion theory, and Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. Book Reviews What Kind of Creatures Are We?  by Noam Chomsky W. Tecumseh Fitch Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality  by Max Tegmark Danie

4 PhD positions "Bicycle Challenges", Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

I would like to draw your attention to four PhD positions “Bicycle Challenges” advertized by the Technology, Innovation and Society group at the Eindhoven School of Innovation Sciences. The closing date for applications is October 12th. The research program Bicycle Challenges: Past, Present, and Future of Sustainable Urban Mobility investigates the governance of cycling as part of sustainable urban mobility from a long-term perspective and the emergence of new mobility concepts. The first PhD within Bicycle Challenges focuses on the governance of cycling in The Netherlands in a transnational context, with emphasis on the institutional role of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment since the 1920s in relation to selected cities and provinces. The second PhD focuses on the multi-level governance of cycling in The Netherlands through a number of historically significant case studies since the Second World War. The third PhD focuses on new mobility

VII Congreso Internacional de Tecnología, Ciencia y Sociedad

El  VII Congreso Internacional de Tecnología, Ciencia y Sociedad  se llevará a cabo en la Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU en Valencia, España, el 2 y 3 de febrero de 2017. El evento es un lugar de reflexión crítica, tanto para los académicos líderes en este campo de estudio como para los investigadores emergentes. El tema destacado para esta edición será  Las fronteras entre hombres y máquinas: 50 aniversario de la invención del ratón  y las  temáticas  sobre las que los ponentes podrán realizar una comunicación son las siguientes: Tema 1: Ciencia y Sociedad Tema 2: Tecnología y Sociedad Tema 3: Ciencia, Tecnología y Innovación Tema 4: Ciencia, Tecnología y Aprendizaje El próximo plazo para  enviar su propuesta  al congreso, que puede ser en español, portugués o inglés (un título y un breve resumen), es el 2 de octubre de 2016.   Enlace para envío de propuestas:  http:// tecnociencia-sociedad.com/ congreso/envio-de-propuestas/ Así mismo, los participantes

Call for Proposals: Global Issues in University Museums and Collections: Objects, Ideas, Ideologies, People

17 th Annual UMAC Conference Helsinki /Jyväskylä, Finland September 5–8, 2017 Hosted by the University of Helsinki and the University of Jyv ä skyl ä                      Global Issues in University Museums and Collections: Objects, Ideas, Ideologies, People   University museums and collections are filled with historical treasures, glorious works of art, scientific phenomena, and the wonders of nature that cover the whole scope of the human experience through time. They provide opportunities that ignite the imagination, inspire the soul, and probe the very heart of our shared human consciousness. They are places of investigation, inquiry, and intellectual challenge in an increasingly global society. For university museums and collections to retain their relevance, they must be responsive to the dynamics of contemporary society.   ·         How can we increase public awareness of multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic values?   ·         How can we engage faculty and st

CfP: Canadian Society for the History of Medicine, May 27-29, 2017

Theme: From Far and Wide: The Next 150 The Canadian Society for the History of Medicine will hold its annual meeting on May 27 to 29 at Ryerson University (Toronto, ON) in conjunction with the 2017 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Programme Committee calls for papers that address the theme of this year’s Congress: “From Far and Wide: The Next 150.” Scholars are invited to mark Canada’s sesquicentennial by presenting research that draws on histories of medicine, healing, health, and disease to illuminate the individual and collective experiences of its past and future. Proposals on topics unrelated to the Congress theme are also welcome. Please submit an abstract and one-page CV for consideration by 15 November 2016 by e-mail to Susan Lamb, slamb@uottawa.ca . Abstracts must not exceed 350 words. We encourage proposals for organised panels of three (3) related papers; in this case, please submit a panel proposal of less than 350 words in addition to

JOB: Full-time Postdoc for Research Project on Ideological Bias and Ideological Diversity in Philosophy of Science

The Centre for Logic and Analytic Philosophy at KU Leuven (Belgium) invites applications for one full-time postdoctoral position as part of a research project on   Ideological Bias and Ideological Diversity in Philosophy of Science   which is funded by a KU Leuven C1 grant (PI: Andreas De Block, co-supervisor: Lorenz Demey).  DURATION: 24 months (with an assessment after the first year) Starting date: ASAP Net salary: roughly 2100 €/month The candidate will be part of the Center for Logic and Analytic Philosophy and will work on topics related to the project (For further information on the project, please contact Andreas De Block).  APPLICATIONS Qualifications The candidate must have obtained a PhD in philosophy before taking up the position. Her/his area s of specialisation should include philosophy of science and/ or argumentation theory. The candidate should also be familiar with cognitive and/or social psychology.  Application Mate

CfP: The European Philosophy of Science Association

The European Philosophy of Science Association (EPSA) invites contributed papers and proposals for symposia for its next conference, EPSA17 ( www.philsci.eu/epsa17 ), which will be held at the University of Exeter from 6-9 September 2017. The conference will feature contributed papers, symposia, and posters covering all subfields of the philosophy of science, and will bring together a large number of philosophers of science from Europe and overseas. We are also welcoming philosophically minded scientists and investigators from other areas outside the philosophy of science, for example as participants in a symposium, and we particularly welcome submissions from women, ethnic minorities, and any other underrepresented group in the profession. The conference has ten sections: 1 General philosophy of science 2 Philosophy of the physical sciences 3 Philosophy of the life sciences 4 Philosophy of the cognitive sciences 5 Philosophy of the social sciences 6 Phi

8th International Scientific Conference Security Concepts and Policies – New Generation of Risks and Threats

Type:  Conference Date:  June 4, 2017 Location:  Macedonia Subject Fields:  Social Sciences, Humanities The Organizing Committee announces the call for papers which are to be presented at the Conference. The topics are the following:        Security, security system and approaches to risks and threats        Reforms in the security system        Police and science        Geopolitics and security integrations        Criminology and criminal law in the function of security        Criminalistic aspects of security        Law, democracy, rule of law and human rights Conference Goals: The goal of the Conference is the acquisition of valid results and scientifically verified findings that allow the implementation of a rational and acceptable solution in maintaining security and dealing with risks and threats. Call for Contributions All authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help us shape the Conference by submitting their sc

CfP: The Body & Culture

Type: Call for Proposals Date:  April 12, 2017 to April 15, 2017 Location: United States Subject Fields: Cultural History / Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Anthropology, Popular Culture Studies, Sociology POPULAR CULTURE ASSOCIATION & AMERICAN CULTURE ASSOCIATION 2017 JOINT NATIONAL CONFERENCE CFP:  Body & Culture Abstracts Due October 1, 2016 Call For Proposals: Sessions, Panels, Papers For information on the PCA/ACA, please go to http://www.pcaaca.org For conference information, please go to http://www.pcaaca.org/national-conference DEADLINE: OCTOBER 1, 2016 Abstracts of papers, individual proposals, and/or panel proposals dealing with the intersection of the body and culture are now being accepted.  The Body and Culture Area encourages interdisciplinary dialogue over the body as text, both literal and discursive, and how the body’s production of meaning is socially, culturally, historically, and politically located.  Pap

CfP: The Making of a Global Market: Resort Skiing, Knowledge Transfer, and Media Culture during the Post-War Era (1950s-1970s)

Type:  Call for Papers Date:  November 30, 2016 Location:  Australia Subject Fields:  World History / Studies, Sport History & Studies, Social History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Economic History / Studies Call for Papers: The Making of a Global Market: Resort Skiing, Knowledge Transfer, and Media Culture during the Post-War Era (1950s-1970s) We are seeking contributions for a peer reviewed, edited volume about skiing, knowledge transfer and media culture in ski resorts during the post-war era (1950s-1970s) which is intended to be published at a high quality publishing house in 2017. Skiing as a sport has been practised in various forms and shapes for a long time. The earliest artefacts have been dated back to about 6,000 BC. In the last 150 years or so, alpine skiing has emerged and undergone “many improvements and almost metamorphoses” (Allen, 2012). But it was only in the post-war era that skiing turned from a niche sport int

Postdoctoral fellowship at the MCMP (LMU Munich)

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) seeks applications for two 1-year postdoctoral fellowships starting sometime between April 1, 2017 and October 1, 2017 . (A later starting date is not possible.) We are especially interested in candidates who work on one or more of the following topics: philosophy and psychology of reasoning and argumentation, Bayesian epistemology, Bayesian philosophy of science, philosophy of physics (esp. the foundations of quantum statistical mechanics), and collective decision theory. The successful candidates are expected to submit a research proposal (e.g. for the DFG) with the MCMP as the host institution within four months after starting the fellowship. Some teaching is possible, but not required. Application deadline: October 30, 2016 For more information and details please visit the MCMP's website: http://www.mcmp.philosophie. uni-muenchen.de/news/post_doc_ 20160926/i