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Publication: Optics and the Rise of Perspective

Dear colleagues, I am pleased to announce a book about the diffusion of optics within the network of medieval universities. The following is a summary of the topics: Optics and the Rise of Perspective. A Study in Network Knowledge Diffusion, Oxford, 2014 http://www.bardwell-press.co.uk/publications/Optics.htm Why did linear perspective rise in trecento–quattrocento central Italy rather than in any other cultural context? This book provides new insight into the question of the early Italian pioneership in perspective, building on the fact that many references to optics can be found in Renaissance treatises. The fact that most of the medieval optical manuscripts were written by Franciscan masters — the best known among them being Roger Bacon and John Pecham — suggests the need for a closer look at how the medieval universities ( studia generalia ) operated. An in-depth study of recruitment highlights the exceptional mobility of masters and lectors through

Call for proposals for CDP studentships at the Science Museum Group/ BT Archives

The Science Museum Group (Science Museum, London, National Media Museum, Bradford, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester and National Railway Museum, York) with BT Archives offers eight new studentships a year in partnership with higher education institutions, to enable students to study for a PhD at a UK University, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Collaborative Doctoral Partnership scheme. These studentships can focus on themes relevant to the Science Museum Group or BT Archives’ collections and research interests. Details of the Science Museum Group's previously funded PhD's and its current research themes are described here: http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/about_us/new_research_folder/collaborative_doctoral_partnership.aspx Each studentship will be jointly supervised by a member of Science Museum Group staff and an academic from a UK Higher Education Institution, as with the existing Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDA) scheme.

The UK Medical Heritage Library: uniting digitised collections

The Wellcome Library and Jisc are delighted to announce our nine UK research library partners for the UK Medical Heritage Library project. These libraries will be making their historic collections available for digitisation alongside the Wellcome Library’s own 19th century works. They make up the bulk of the 15 million page goal made possible by funding from the Higher Education and Funding Council for England and Jisc. The nine partners include: 6 university libraries: UCL (University College London) University of Leeds University of Glasgow London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine King’s College London University of Bristol 3 Royal College libraries: Royal College of Physicians of London Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons of England Relevant works will be selected by the partner libraries from their historic book and pamphlet collections, representing a broad selection of works from across medicine, he