27 de julio de 2016

Putting History in its Place: Historic Landscapes and Environments

Type: Call for Papers
Date: October 28, 2016
Location: United Kingdom
Subject Fields: Archaeology, Architecture and Architectural History, Cultural History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Urban History / Studies

Putting History in its Place: Historic Landscapes and Environments - University of Chester, 21st April, 2017

Following the spatial turn in history, place, space, and landscape deserve to be recognised as fundamental categories of historical social analysis. All human action is emplaced within historically specific and contingent landscapes and environments. These are not merely canvasses on which human action is played out, but constitute active social and cultural agents in producing change. The aim of this one-day symposium, sponsored by the Royal Historical Society, is to provide a forum for scholars to consider the relationship between historical change and historic landscapes and environments.

Three plenary addresses will be given by Prof. John Blair (Queen's, Oxford), Prof. Elizabeth Tingle (De Montfort University), and Prof. William Whyte (St. John's, Oxford).
We are seeking contributions from scholars whose research speaks to these themes, across historical periods and geographical areas.
We invite proposals for 20-minute papers on themes that might include (but are not restricted to):
• Sacred landscapes: shrines, churches and chapels
• Landscape and commemoration
• Landscape and health: parks, gardens and medical practice
• Landscape and identity: communities, local and regional history
• Urban environments and material cultures
• Rural environments and agriculture
• Historic sites, buildings and heritage
• Military landscapes, battlefields and fortifications
• Travel, global encounters and the missionary landscape

Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words accompanied by a one-page CV to: historyinitsplace@gmail.com by 5pm on Friday 28th October 2016.
Please note that this symposium is sponsored by the Royal Historical Society and registration will be free of charge to speakers.
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Organisers - Dr Jenny Hillman, Dr Tom Pickles, and Dr Katherine Wilson, Department of History & Archaeology, University of Chester.
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