14 de octubre de 2017

Free online course: A History of Public Health in Post-War Britain starting 6th November 2017

A History of Public Health in Post-War Britain

Understand where public health has come from, why it looks the way it does today and where it might go next.

After a successful first run there will be another opportunity to participate in our free online course on the history of public health in post-war Britain which will start on the 6th November 2017. The course is run by the Centre for History in Public Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and FutureLearn.
Why join the course?
History can offer us a unique insight into the public health problems, policies, and practices of the past, and is of critical importance to our understanding of healthcare in the contemporary world.
This online course will offer you an opportunity to bring the past into conversation with the present, enabling you to set the changing nature of public health in post-war Britain in context with changes seen today.
What will you achieve?
Explore the different definitions of public health and describe how these developed over the post-war period
Identify the structures, organisations and individuals that put public health into practice
Reflect on the challenges faced by public health in post-war Britain
Evaluate the different solutions put forward to address public health problems in post-war Britain
Interpret contemporary public health structures, challenges and solutions alongside their historical context
Who is the course for?
Learners from across the world who are intrigued by the history of public health in Britain. No prior knowledge or expertise in the area is needed, although you may be a student, professional, or individual with an interest in an aligned field, such as healthcare, medicine, public health, local government, history, or science.
Start date: 6th November 2017
Time Commitment: 4 hours per week