4 de diciembre de 2017

Professorship of Theory of Science, Gothenburg

Professor of Theory of Science
Department of Philosophy, Linguistics & Theory of Science
University of Gothenburg

Theory of Science is part of a post-Kuhnian tradition and has a distinct orientation towards empirical study. Research and teaching is primarily focused on epistemological and social aspects of the production and use of scientific knowledge. Differences in epistemological and methodological presuppositions across disciplines and fields of research are accentuated and analyzed, with the humanities and social sciences as well as medical and natural sciences being objects of study. Theories and methods are usually drawn from the field of science and technology studies (STS).

Central questions concern how scientific knowledge is defined in relation to other forms of knowledge; who does research into what and why; how research communities are organized; how scientific controversies are generated and resolved; and classical epistemological questions concerning for example objectivity, rationality, realism and relativism. One important array of questions concerns the significance that expertise, standards, digital technology and various forms of professional practice have for the formation of knowledge in the intersection between academic disciplines, governmentalauthorities, organisations, social movements and other societal actors.

Our teaching includes first- second- and third cycle courses in Theory of Science and on our master's programme in Evidence-basing, as well as external contributions to teaching within other programmes and for other faculties, such as Teacher Education and the course Theoretical and Historical Perspectives on Science. The primary pedagogical task in external teaching assignments is to offer students unfamiliar with epistemological queries an opportunity to reflect over scientific practice and the role of science in society.

We are looking for a leading researcher with an ability to further develop the successful research carried out in the subject domain at the Department and create an environment for both research and education of high quality. The position is centred around research in the subject area of the post, supervision of doctoral students and teaching at undergraduate, Master's and doctoral level. In the first two years, the assigned work tasks will mainly comprise research activities well as development and leadership of the Department's research seminar in theory of science. The holder of the position is expected to apply for external research funding and together with subject colleagues develop a research environment of the highest international standard at the Department.

The holder of the position is expected to be physically present at the Department and regularly participate in its operations.

The successful applicant must be ready to carry out assignments requiring Swedish language skills (oral and written) within two years of employment. The University of Gothenburg's Appointments Procedure for Teachers provides that applicants who lack formal training in teaching and learning in higher education corresponding to at least 15 Swedish higher education credits (equivalent to half a semester of full-time studies), and who are not considered to have acquired equivalent expertise in some other way, must complete such training within one year of employment.

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