Call for Contributions: FORMA FLUENS - Histories of the Microcosm

Contributions are invited for the new CSMBR Blog


Forma Fluens (“flowing form”) is a blog dedicated to the history of the body. A metaphor for life itself, as a rhythmic flow that alters the shape and the diachronic identity of the human being, the Blog aims at providing scholars at any stage of their career with a platform to share knowledge about the intellectual, cultural, social and material history of the body (500-1800 AD), with a view to reaching out to the curious reader and to a wider audience.

Articles, book reviews, and commentaries on ongoing projects are welcome. Contributions should not exceed 1200 words, spaces included, and ten footnotes. Material from the blog counts as a regular online publication and must be credited as per the title, author, affiliation and sources displayed.

For queries or to express an interest in submitting an article, feel free to contact the centre at